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(“Sawa” is Japanese for mountain stream or creak. River climbing in Japanese is “Sawanobori”).

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Water Bottle (Platypus)Compass (Suunto)First Aid KitHead LampBackpack 28L

This list is most useful for the total first timer. It will give you tips on the most General Mountaineering Gear needed.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment! Continue reading ‘Take to your Sawanobori Trip 3/4: General Mountaineering Gear’ »

Tent MatTarpSilverwareHat net 

After a long day of water splashing in your face, swimming through narrow Indy Jones type gorges and ascending waterfalls, you are definitely ready for a comforting campfire, a steaming hot meal, and some time to sing songs and sip whiskey under the stars. Let’s learn about  Camping (Bivouac) & Cooking Gear to learn what we need.

Continue reading ‘Take to your Sawanobori Trip 2/4: Camping Gear’ »

Sawa TabiJacketsFinger Cut-offsGaiters

footwear, jackets, accessories, neoprene material, protective gear

tabi, rain jacket, gloves, vest, gaiter

If you are planning to go on your first sawanobori trip anytime soon, you will hopefully be under direct supervision of an experienced climber who can guide you on what to take with you.  Still, it can get difficult and burdensome to ask about every detail during preparation, so I hope this will act as an easy-to-understand Wear & Gear guide for everyone out there. The posts will be divided into four bulks: Wear & Footwear, Camping (Bivouac) & Cooking Gear, Climbing & Safety Equipment,and General Mountaineering Gear. Please enjoy your trip and feel free to comment with any questions you may have! Continue reading ‘Take to Sawanobori trip 1/4: Wear & Footwear’ »