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This video is Part 2. See Part 1: Minami Sawa Video 1 by David B

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5 November 2010

by Yuji Ohira

By David B

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Two sawanobori climbs made in August 2010 by Tony Grant and Rod Szasz) around Okutama near Tokyo, Japan.

From August 2010

Thanks to Tony Grant

by ijokakanat

Watch and enjoy as the poor man struggles his way through the water.  Makes you realize the almighty power of water!

Awesome movie clip!

posted on youtube by sickboy5555

ブロガー的性格ではないのですが、このブログを始めようと思ったのは、「沢登りを知る人があまりにも少ない」と前々から気になっていたからです。 Continue reading ‘沢登りはゴミゴミした都会からの最適な息抜き~’ »

This video is an awesome compilation made by climbers Tony Grant and Rod Szasz from summer of 2009.

See the beauty, feel the peace, and be nourished by the nature of the Tanigawadake mountain range.  by Tony Grant and Rod Szasz from August 2008