HAJIMEMASHITE!! I’m Yuji Ohira, a university student in Japan. Sawa climbing is my favorite hobby. So, I want to introduce my activities in this wonderful blog. I belong to Waseda university expedition club and I often go to Sawa with members of the club. This is our record of Sawanobori 5th.Nov.2010.

Watch video: Sedono Sawa Video

Early morning 6am, we gathered in crowded train on the way from Shinjuku to Shibusawa (Kanagawa prefecture). When we go to mountain, we always have to wake up early morning or go to mountain by last train the day before activity. We sighed with relief when we could confirm that none of us had missed the train (one miss, and you are stuck waiting for an hour!). There were 4 members; two of them were freshmen (Nagayoshi, Shirasawa) and our club present leader Sano and myself.

We got off the train around 6:45 and changed to bus. It took about 15min. We arrived Okura the place is famous for the hiking base for Tanzawa mountains. Furthermore, we walked up an old logging road about an hour and a half, when we arrived at the Tozawa mountain cottage. After changing clothes and depositing unnecessary things (just hiding in the bush), we started upstream.

In the beginning, this stream has comparatively big amount of water. But after we climbed the first waterfall, the stream separated, and we chose the right tributary “Sedono sawa”. Of course a lot of meticulous preparation and information gathering of the Sawa (stream) had been done back home.

Sedono sawa promised everyone thrill and excitement. There are a number of waterfalls here, maybe 8 or so. After 20 minute from divergence, we arrived at a few small but tough falls.

We kept going, and finally arrived at the gigantic 35m waterfall!! To pass this fall, we used a 50m rope. We climbed it at the same time securing ourselves by quickdraws and pitons. There are many pitons left because this route is very popular with Sawa climbers. Most of the pitons were reliable but sometimes unstable. Be careful.

We took about one and half hours to pass the big water fall, because it was the first experience for the lead climber to climb such a big water fall and we wanted to take a video! Please watch the edited clip.

After the big water fall, this Sawa become too ordinary. We climbed the right slope to ridge(named Seijiro). And climbed down to beginning point. It was a good experience.

← view from slope. It was sunny day!!! good view.

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